Lead singer and songwriter of the danish soft rock band Michael Learns To Rock since 1988.

Our most popular song “That’s Why You Go Away” currently has around 50.000 streams daily on Spotify alone, and very soon we will reach one million Spotify followers. Please check out our band, if you don’t know MLTR already.

I needed a place to showcase the lyrics of the many unreleased song demoes I uploaded to YouTube recently, so I decided to finally reactivate my old domain and build a brand new website.

I will continue to collect and add (the right versions) of my lyrics on this site, and extend the content here over the coming years with other exciting stuff as well.

I am going to officially release more solo tracks this year, so make sure to follow my personal Spotify account.

For business type of questions you can reach me via direct messages on my Instagram account.

All for now, best regards and good wishes from Jascha Richter February 16 2022.